CCL Fondant Embosser Stamp

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CCL Fondant Quilling Tools / Embosser Stamp is used to create various effects. It is perfect for decorating cake, fondant, DIY cookies and it works with any kind of paste. It can be used for one piece cut outs, applique, decoupage, side embossing and simple patterning. 

Bullet Point : 

1. Made of high quality food grade plastic. Easy to use and wash.
2. Usage: Roll out your dough or icing ready for placing on your cakes; Place the mould on top, textured side down and roll over with a little sugar using a rolling pin for the pattern to be imprinted; Repeat for larger pieces or alternate between the 2 designs.
3. Create beautiful patterns, paste on your cake or clay craft, a must have for beginners or professional cake decorator.
4. This Embosser is Used to create the desired effect.
5. This Cutter Can be Used for One Piece Cut-Outs, Applique, Decoupage, Side Embossing & Simple Patterning