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Doll cake mould

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  • Tin / Mould is of anodized aluminium material. This aluminium is commonly used material for baking as it is ideal for uniform baking and easy removal of cake sponge
  • These are also called doll cake mould, doll cake tin, barbie cake mould, barbie cake tin, crinoline lady dress cake mould, doll bell crinoline ladies shape cake mould, princess mould. The shape is like wedding dress shape cake mould, frock shape cake mould or skirt shape cake mould
  • Ideal for making dress of doll cakes, barbie cake, princess cake or wedding cake or bell shape cakes. This mould can be used in OTG, microwave oven (in convection mode) and pressure cooker
  • Color: aluminium silver. Diameter: 6 inch
  • Package Contents:1 Mould For making 500gms doll cake