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Antoniou Fillo Pastry, 375 gms (Delivery in Bengaluru only)

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Nothing compares to the light-as-air crispiness of traditional Fillo Pastry

Unlike puff pastry, which relies on fat content to ‘layer’ when it is cooked, Fillo Pastry is traditionally made without any shortening or fat – making it a healthy and delicious alternative. Depending on your recipe, you can choose what type and amount of butter or oil is used – to achieve the layering effect by using a number of sheets.

Antoniou’s fresh, frozen, and thick-style Fillo Pastry is available at Chef's Call in 375 gm packs suitable for home chefs, restaurants & caterers.

Find inspiration for your next sweet or savoury Fillo Pastry creation when you think beyond baklava and spinach pie – there’s potential for new fillings in every shape and size imaginable.

Country of Origin : Australia

Wt. : 375 gms

Please note : Frozen product that can be shipped only in Bengaluru. Orders received from other cities will be rejected & refund initiated towards payment received, if any.