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FineDecor Portable Mini Sealer

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1. This is a bag sealing machine that can only seal food bags, it's not a hair straightener or curling iron, it just looks similar. Please don't use it to straighten or curl your hair to avoid damage to your hair.

2. The preheating time of the sealing machine is about 30-60 seconds. Please control the temperature of the sealing machine according to the thickness of the bag, so as not to burn the bag if the temperature is too high.

3. Do not use it for thin bag sealing (such as cling film, shrink wrap bags, cellophane bags), it is likely to melt the bags and cannot be sealed. Generally used for snack bags, Foil bag, chip bags, Kraft paper bag, Pet food bag, vacuum packaging bags, and other thicker bags.

4. Do not touch the heating pad when using it, keep it away from children and avoid burns. Do not heat for a long time, please turn off the power button in time when not in use to avoid burning the heat sealer.