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Neon and Pastel Fondant Modeling set

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Assorted colours of Neon & pastel shades

 * Set consists of 8 Tools Bone Tool Ideal for thinning amd smoothing the edges of leaves, flower petals and frills.

* Shell and Blade Tool For creating simple embossed shell patterns and borders, also great for making the feet of marzipan animals.

* Ball Tool An essential tool for flower modelling, used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills.

* The small size is perfect for creating precise detail.

* Scallop and Comb Tool The comb end is great for marking and embossing a serrated design or pattern and the scallop is ideal for creating human and animal features mouthes, eyes, ears and eyebrows etc.

* Serrated and Tapered Cone Tool Used for indentations and embossing also good for creating cone shaped hollows, ideal for creating fantastic looking fruit like apples and pears etc.

* The serrated cone is fantastic for making the throats of a wide variety of flowers.

* Tapered Cones 5/6 Star Tool Used as a single star embosser, also can be used to create the centres of 5 or 6 petal flowers.

* Bulbulous Cone Tool A very versitile tool that can be used to hollow and emboss a variety of shapes, a fantastic frilling tool.

* Flower Leaf Shaper Tool As it say a flower shaper, more often reffered to as a Dresden Tool.

* Perfect for creating fine detailed veining on leaves and flowers.

* Material:
 Food grade plastic

* Length: 
15.5-16.8cm / 6.10"-6.61"

* This set includes 8 double ended (16 shapes) sculpting tools:

1).Bone tool

2).Shell & blade tool

3).Ball tool

4).Scallop & comb tool

5).Serrated & tapered cone tool

6).Tapered cones 5/6 star tool

7).Bulbous cone tool

8).Flower / leaf shaper tool