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Magic Colours Suppa Whip Whipping Cream colours

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  • Professional High Concentration Food Colour for Cake Decoration. The magic colours Supa Whipp - Whipping Cream Colours range is phenomenal with Whipping Cream Icings, Crèmes and Frostings. Manufactured from pure pigments which means you require relatively small quantity of colour to reach the desired shade of paste.
  • Package contains 25g Icing or gel Color Vegetarian, FSSAI licensed.
  • Very strong pigment. Require relatively small quantity of colour.
  • Magic Colours Supa Whipp is a pure water soluble pigment designed for colouring whipped creams, sugarpaste, frosting and more. Add a very small amount directly to the mass to achieve the proper shade. This small jar will take you a very long way.

Net Weight : 25 gms