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Chef's Call

Purix Pan Release Spray

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Purix Pan Release Spray, provides excellent non-stick release for bread, pastry, cakes and bakery applications.

The power of this product that is sold to you by Chef's Call is based on crystallization technology, small vegetable wax crystals are evenly spread in the oil. This gives the product superior releasing power perfectly suited for use on baking pans and trays.

• Vegetable oil based release agent.
• Good adhesion to baking pans.
• Better release power.
• Easier clean-up of molds and pans.
• Nozzle design allows for 100% of product to be sprayed from the can.
• Allergen Free 
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO

Net weight: 70 gms / 100m
Aerosol spray can